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The Suboxone Clinic Albuquerque Trusts

Opioid addiction is a severe and often devastating condition that affects millions of people around the world. At Albuquerque Suboxone Clinic, we understand the struggles of those battling opioid dependence. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality opioid treatment and support to help them overcome addiction and reclaim their lives.

As the most trusted Suboxone clinic in Albuquerque, we have assisted countless individuals with medication-assisted treatment, including Suboxone, behavioral therapy, and counseling to address the physical and psychological aspects of opioid use disorder. Our team of compassionate and experienced professionals works closely with each patient to create personalized, evidence-based treatment plans tailored to their unique needs and goals.

We offer a range of services, including in-person visits and online telemedicine appointments, to ensure that our patients have access to the care and support they need. Our goal is to help our patients overcome their opioid dependence and achieve long-term recovery, and we are committed to providing high-quality treatment and support to help them succeed.

If you or someone you love is struggling with opioid addiction, we invite you to seek help at Albuquerque Suboxone Clinic and learn more about the benefits of treatment and how we can help.

What is Suboxone?

We use Suboxone as part of a medication-assisted treatment program for opioid addiction. Suboxone is a combination of Buprenorphine and Naloxone, which are both approved by the FDA to treat opioid dependence. Buprenorphine acts as a partial opioid agonist and occupies opioid receptors in the brain, relieving withdrawal symptoms. Naloxone acts as an opioid antagonist, reducing the euphoric effects of opioids while blocking receptors to further prevent relapse.

In our MAT program, we ensure each patient receives comprehensive education about this medication and its role in their treatment process. We also communicate openly with them on how to properly use Suboxone and other medications prescribed by their doctor. It’s essential that our patients understand how taking this medication can help them overcome their opioid addiction and create a better future for themselves.

Benefits of Getting Suboxone Treatment

  • Convenient access to treatment: Utilizing our services means no waiting lists and long drives for an individual battling opioid addiction looking for a Suboxone treatment. With virtual clinic options and confidential services, we offer access to the support and care they need.
  • Comprehensive care plan: Our treatment plan is tailored to meet each patient’s unique needs – which is why we strive to provide individualized advice, resources, and assistance necessary for successful recovery.
  • Remote connectivity: Our virtual clinic provides those struggling with addiction an accessible way to get help without needing to leave their current environment or disrupt their daily life. And everything is done in a confidential manner.
  • Benefits of treatment: Suboxone treatments can offer a wide range of benefits, from reducing cravings and withdrawal symptoms, preventing overdoses, improving sleep patterns, and more – all helping individuals battling addiction reach their recovery goals faster.
  • Supportive environment: We make sure everyone who comes to us feels cared for by providing them with a safe space for healing that’s free from judgment and stigma – so they can focus on the path toward recovery without fear or anxiety.
  • Professional guidance: With highly trained professionals, our team understands the delicate nature of opioid addiction-related matters while offering advice that is evidence-based and up-to-date with best practices in the industry.
  • Commitment to recovery: We are committed to seeing our patients through their entire journey back toward health and happiness by utilizing various resources like medication-assisted therapy and counseling as they work towards stability in every aspect of life impacted by addiction.
  • Confidential services: From intake assessments to ongoing counseling sessions and aftercare planning, we understand how important it is for people coming into our virtual clinic not to feel embarrassed or judged during treatment – and we respect their confidentiality at all times
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Success Rate of Suboxone Treatment:

Suboxone treatment is highly effective for the treatment of opioid use disorder. According to a recent study, Suboxone treatment resulted in a success rate of over 70% for individuals with opioid addiction. Suboxone is beneficial in the recovery process at our clinic because it helps to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms, which can significantly decrease the risk of relapse and overdose.

Suboxone is a safe and effective medication that is used in conjunction with other addiction treatments, such as counseling and support groups, to help individuals achieve long-term recovery from opioid addiction. Overall, Suboxone treatment is a highly effective option for individuals seeking to overcome opioid use disorder.

Areas We Service:

Albuquerque Suboxone Clinic offers a range of appointment options to suit the needs of our patients. In addition to traditional in-person appointments, we also offer telehealth and online appointments to ensure everyone can access the care they need. Our clinic serves many of the surrounding areas, including Rio Rancho, Bernalillo, Placitas, Corrales, Los Lunas, and Belen.

We are also proud to offer our Suboxone treatment services throughout New Mexico through our virtual clinic. This allows us to provide treatment for opioid use to patients no matter where they are located. Our team of experienced treatment providers is dedicated to helping patients overcome addiction and achieve lasting recovery through telehealth appointments with our telehealth Suboxone doctor.

Range of Services at our Suboxone Clinic:

Medication-Assisted Therapy - Suboxone Treatment

Medication-assisted treatment, also known as MAT, is a form of treatment for opioid use disorder that involves the use of medication in combination with behavioral therapy. MAT aims to help individuals struggling with opioid addiction manage their cravings and withdrawal symptoms, ultimately leading to a reduction in opioid use and improved overall health outcomes. MAT has been proven to be a life-saving and effective treatment for opioid use disorder, with a strong evidence base supporting its effectiveness.

Our clinic offers a medication-assisted program that utilizes Suboxone as a medication for the treatment of opioid use disorder. In combination with behavioral therapy, Suboxone can effectively reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms, allowing individuals to focus on their recovery journey. Our team of trained professionals is dedicated to providing evidence-based treatment for opioid addiction, and we believe that MAT is a crucial component of this process.

Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral health treatment is a crucial component of medication-assisted treatment for those struggling with substance use disorders. This type of treatment is provided by our licensed therapists and counselors, who specialize in helping individuals recover from addiction. By offering continuous treatment, treatment providers can address the underlying issues that contribute to substance use disorders and help patients develop the skills and coping mechanisms needed to maintain long-term recovery.

In addition to Suboxone, behavioral health treatment may also include family counseling and other forms of behavioral therapy. These therapies can help individuals identify and address negative patterns of thought and behavior and develop healthy coping strategies. Ultimately, a comprehensive approach to care that includes both medication-assisted treatment and behavioral health treatment can provide the most effective support for those struggling with opioid addiction.


Counseling plays a crucial role in the treatment of opioid use. It helps individuals with opioid use disorder to understand the underlying causes of their addiction, identify triggers that lead to drug abuse, and develop coping skills to maintain abstinence. Counseling can be provided in individual, group, or family settings, depending on the needs of the patient. It is an essential component of a comprehensive treatment program, as it helps individuals to address any co-occurring mental health conditions and build a support network for successful recovery.

Albuquerque Suboxone Clinic offers counseling as a part of our telemedicine program for the treatment of opioid use. Our team of experienced counselors provides a safe and supportive environment for individuals in addiction recovery. They work with patients to identify the steps in treatment that are most effective for their unique needs and goals. Our counselors have extensive knowledge and expertise in drug abuse treatment and are dedicated to helping individuals achieve a successful recovery.

Personalized Outpatient Treatment Program

At our clinic, we understand that every individual’s journey to recovery is unique and requires a personalized approach. That’s why we offer confidential outpatient services for those suffering from addiction. Our trained professionals work closely with each patient to create a customized treatment plan that addresses their specific needs and goals. This can include a combination of therapy, support groups, and medication management.

In addition to our in-person clinic, we also offer a convenient online clinic for those who may not have access to transportation or prefer to receive treatment remotely. Whether in-person or online, our team is dedicated to providing the highest level of care and support to help individuals overcome their addiction and achieve lasting recovery.

End the Cycle of Addiction

Start Your Recovery Journey

Albuquerque Suboxone Clinic understands the challenges individuals face on their path to recovery. That’s why we offer comprehensive, confidential services to help individuals overcome substance use disorders and achieve long-term recovery. Our team of medical providers offers coordinated outpatient care, including opioid addiction treatment and online Suboxone doctor appointments.

We believe in creating custom treatment plans for each patient, considering their unique needs and goals. And to make treatment accessible to everyone, we accept most private insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid. Whether you choose in-person or virtual appointments, we are committed to providing individualized care and support to help you overcome addiction.

If you or a loved one is seeking treatment, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team for the help you need.